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结婚的英语邀请函范文 --相关内容
结婚的时候自然想要邀请更多的朋友来参加自己的婚礼,该怎么写英语的邀请函呢。下面范文大全小编带你一起来了解一下关于结婚的邀请函英语作文,希望对你有所帮助! ? ? 结婚的 英语 邀请函作文 Dear XXXX, XX and I have set the date and we want you to be the first to know it. Were going to be married very quietly at the Community Church on Thursday, June the twelfth, at noon. We want you to come to the ceremony, and also to the wedding banquet afterward at home. Well be looking for you, XXXX, at eleven! With my best regards! With Love, NAME 英文婚宴邀请函范文 June 6, 20XX Dear Aunt Kate, David and I are to be married at the Community Church on Thursday, June the twelfth, at noon. We want you to come to the ceremony, and also to the wedding banquet afterward at home. Well be looking for you, Aunt Kate, on the twelfth! Affectionately yours, Helen 英文婚宴邀请函 Dear ...: How are you doing these days? Hope you are happy and healthy all these time. Our graduation day seem just a few days ago...Yet I am writing today to inform you of my wedding...Yes, wedding! I am going to have my wedding on October 1st, 20XX, in the main hall of second floor, Marriot Hotel. I would love to see you and your husband to come! I just cannot wait to see you and introudce my spouse to you. Best regards 非正式的英文婚宴邀请函 Join us! Matt and Allison are tying the knot! Take the plunge with them Saturday, June 22nd, at their Engagement/Beach Party. Therell be no chance to get cold feet at this sizzling hot summer party! Takes place at Turtle Beach. This party is no stuffy ceremony, so join in if you want to see the couple let their hair down one last time before the walk down the aisle!RSVP by Friday,
英语邀请函范文4篇 --相关内容
dear sir/madam: i'm delighted that you have accepted our invitation to speak at the conference in [city] on [date]. as we agreed, you'll be speaking on the topic... from [time] to [time]. there will be an additional minutes for questions. would you please tell me what kind of audio-visual equipment you'll need. if you could let me know your specific requirements by [date], i'll have plenty of time to make sure that the hotel provides you with what you need. thank you again for agreeing to speak. i look forward to hearing from you. sincerely yours, 英语作文邀请函 请给史密斯夫妇写一封邀请他们到你家吃饭的邀请函,时间定于1月15日(星期六)晚七时:告诉他们你非常希望他们光临,并请对方给你回信。 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith It has been a while since we last met, and every laughing minite filled up my memory. Recently we have the renovation of the new bought house done, and therefore would like to have the honour inviting you couple to visit us on June 28th and have dinner together. I suggest the time for dinner would be best at 7:00pm. I recalled that both of you are seafood lovers, so I will prepare lobsters and fishes as the main course, I also reserved bottles of best Italian white wine for us to enjoy at that moment. Of course if you are interested to spend a walk nearby then I am glad to accompany you. Mary my daughter is now eight years old and she have made a lot of friends of like age since we migrated to the estate here. I am sure she will want to tell a lot of her stories when she see you both. And right now she just want me to remind you that there are swimming pool and SPA facilities associated with the estate, therefore it would be good if you like, please bring along the swimming suits, it only take f
生日邀请函英语作文120字 --相关内容
篇一:英语生日邀请函 Dear friend I’m very happy,because my birthday will come next Saturday, And my family have many food and drink.I think a lot of funny things and we will paly them in that day.So I hope you can take part in.Now I will tell you the address of my house.It is in the central of our city named Funny Time. There are many trees and flowers around my home. Its wall is red and white.You must come.I’ll wite you. 篇二:英语生日邀请函 Dear Li Hua I had a birthday party at my home last month .I invited some of my classmates to the party . The party began at 8a.m .on Sunday . All my classmates were not be late. I was very happy. We ate some western food.They were very nice.Some of my classmates brought their own food. They shared their food with us. Because they are very friendly. We also played games. It was very interesting. All my classmates were very happy. I danced with my best friends. And all my classmates danced very beautifully! They sang a song ’Happy Birthday’ to me. And then they gave me a lot of presents. I was very thankful. All of us had a good time on that day! Do you have free time I want to visit you next year 篇三:生日邀请函 Dear Ruth Next Friday, September the fifth, is Tom’s birthday. I thought it would be pleasant to have some of his friends here to help him celebrate. Will you come We’ll have dancing from nine until midnight, and then cut the birthday cake! Both Tom and I are very eager to have you here, so don’t disappoint us! Affectionately yours, Li Hua August 3.1, 1998 篇四:生日邀请函 Dear Li Hua I’m so sorry I can’t come to Tom’s birthday party. These days my mother has been falling ill, so I have to attend to her.Thank you for asking me, Li Hua. I certainly hate to miss any of y
生日邀请函英语作文 --相关内容
你准备邀请你的好朋友Lucy来参加你的生日聚会,告诉她怎样才能到你家。 写作提示:1、告诉她你的生日是什么时候?2、都有谁来参加你的生日聚会 3、坐什么车来 4、你家周围有什么明显的标志性的建筑 Dear Lucy, My birthday is coming,so I ask some good friends to come to my house for party on Saturday evening.I can tell you the way to my house.First,take a taxi from your house.Then pass a bank on your right and go along the Zhongshan Street.When you see a big supermarket,turn left.My house is between the park and the theater.It will be on your right.You can’t miss it. 【参考翻译】 我的生日快到了,所以我问了一些好朋友来我家聚会在星期六的晚上,我可以告诉你去我家的路。首先,从你家打车。然后经过右边的一家银行,沿着中山街。当你看到一个大超市,左转我的房子是公园和戏院之间。它会在你的右边,你不会错过的。
英语邀请函 --相关内容
篇一:用英语写音乐会邀请函 准备晚会是一个繁琐而开心的过程,当你订好菜单,重新布置了客厅,购置了全新的餐具,还差什么呢?邀请朋友们来晚会!打电话当然简单可取,但写一封诚恳的英文邀请函会显得更加隆重。 hosting a dinner party can involve a lot of preparation, depending on how many people it is for and how elaborate the proceedings will be. one of the first jobs of hosting a dinner is to write the invitations for each of your guests. these invitations should contain all the important information about the dinner party that your guests need to know. how formal your invitation is ultimately depends on the type of dinner party you intend on having. 一封完整的邀请函要包括晚会的所有重要信息,包括时间、地点、人员、着装要求(有些晚会主人会确定dressing code,通常是一个主题元素,比如polka dots波点,大家的身上都要有一个波点的元素)。邀请函要多正式是根据晚会的正式程度定的。下面就向大家介绍写作晚会邀请函的步骤。 在文章的第一行写上邀请对方来晚会的初衷和目的。比如“james和natalie邀请你来参加一周年结婚纪念日晚会。”更正式的写法比如“smith夫妇希望能有幸邀请您共同见证他们的结婚一周年纪念日晚会。” 2 write the date and time that the dinner party will be held. for example, tuesday, 5th july 2011, 7:30 p.m. 接下来写上晚会的时间。比如“2011年7月5日(周二),晚上7:30” 3 inform your guests where the dinner is taking place. for example, at home, or at two chefs restaurant. be sure to include the address of the venue. 记得写明地点。比如“在我家”,或者“在双主厨
英语作文:邀请函 --相关内容
??谢您――如此尊贵的客人选择了我们南沙奥园养生酒店,对于您的光临我们深感荣幸。同时我也希望您在不久的将来还是会选择我们做为您的首选酒店,并且将您在入住过程中哪怕最细小的感受及时地告诉我们,我们将非常乐意为您提供一切可以令您愉快的服务。 请再次接受我的最真诚的感谢。但愿在不久的将来,您能再来南沙奥园养生酒店感受我们酒店每一名员工提供的更为优质的服务。 在此,向您和您的家人恭祝:合家欢乐、身体健康、事业有成、万事如意! 广州南沙奥园养生酒店有限公司 篇三:致酒店顾客的一封信 尊敬的贵宾: 您好! 首先对您本次选择入住清沐酒店,我们感到非常荣幸,并祝您在本酒店度过一个美好的时光! 我们酒店本周五上午将有一个500人的会议代表需要结账,尽管我酒店已经增加了人手,可如果大家同时到前台前结账还是会出现结账拥挤的状况。酒店本着以人为本,服务顾客的理念,真诚的为您提供了以下几点建议,希望能为您带来便利,节省您宝贵的时间。 具体建议如下: 1. 本酒店24小时营业,全天都可在前台结账,无需担心结账时间问题。 2. 我酒店上午的结账高峰期一般在9:00-12:00,本周五上午的结账高峰期预计也会在这个时间段,所以请您尽量避免在这个时间段进行结账。 3. 如果您的入住日期截止到周五上午之后,请尽量推后您的结账时间;如果您的入住日期截止到周五上午,请您尽量提前到前台进行结账。 4. 周五上午我们将会开辟多个结账通道,请选择人少的一队进行结账,以缩短您的结账时
一封邀请函英语作文 --相关内容
9, 2005 dear sir or madam: please note, however, that we don’t assume any legal or financial responsibility whatever regarding the presence of ****** in china. all expenses of *****’sjourney to/from china, their stay in china as well as health insurance will be borne by their employers. we send you our kindest regards and best wishes for a pleasant trip.yours sincerely, general manager signatur july 29, 2005 xxx, ceo xxx, vp sales xxxxxxxx corporation (address) progressing in promoting and selling your products. we believe this visit will be of great benefit to our future business cooperation. please use this invitation letter to apply for your visa to china. we are all looking forward to seeing you soon, and should you have any questions, please feel free to inform me. yours truly, manufacturing information productivity center on july 5 on (thursday) inchongqing, china世纪金源hotel, organized jointly organized the theme erp applications, the manufacturing sector management reform china of the fourth china in the manufacturing sector erp applications will be. customers on product quality and the continuous improvement of traceability requirements, the need for precise requirements of enterprise management; the rapid changes in the market so that enterprises need to achieve rapid reaction and realize the visualization of business operations; dissemination of the management model and advanced management methods to help enterprises truly understand the thinking of erp and related concepts, promote effective management information systems such as erp and popularity of deepening the application, selection and implementation to reduce risk through the application of erp construction of a platform for enterprise management innovation to achieve the financial,
邀请家长开会的邀请函范文 --相关内容
孩子长学校里成长是父母最大的心愿,能够在家长会上看到孩子们在学校的表现,父母也会高兴起来。下面是小编给大家带来的家长会邀请函范文,欢迎大家阅读参考,我们一起来看看吧! 邀请家长开会的邀请函范文(一) 尊敬的一年级家长朋友: 您好! 祝贺您的孩子成为东莞市波利亚外国语学校2019级一年级学生! 为了增进家校沟通,更好地做好幼小衔接工作,学校决定于7月13日(周六)9:00在波利亚外国语学校学藤楼报告厅召开一年级新生家长会。请您于8:50前签到入场,具体安排如下: 一、8:30-8:50,签到,领取《幼小衔接家长手册》,英语教材《Go!A-Z》及《Go!Sight words》。 二、9:00-9:20,岑振祥主任介绍英语在线学习注意事项。 三、9:20-9:50,刘青主任作幼小衔接主题分享。 四、9:50-10:20,姚林校长作家校共育微报告。 温馨提示: 1 因报告厅座位有限,本次会议每个学生家庭限来1位家长,且不带婴幼儿参会。 2 请您自带笔记本和笔,准时到校,参会期间注意公共礼仪,将手机调成静音或关机。 3 请遵守无烟校园规章制度,严禁在校园内吸烟。 4 因学校周边道路不能停车,请将您的爱车停放在蜂汇广场或宏成五金城。 我们给孩子一个榜样,孩子将还您一生的感动! 东莞市波利亚外国语学校 2019年7月11日 联系方式 邀请家长开会的邀请函范文(二) 新学期、新起点、新希望,樱花树下将会一如既往的给孩子们提供优质的教学服务,为家长们解答孩子在成长过程中出现的学习问题及其他问题。 8月2日(周五)下午16:00-18:00 暑、秋季新生家长会,我们不见不散
2018探亲邀请函3篇 --相关内容
质,代表创新、执著、向上,代表前进,代表未来。怀揣着这样一种期盼,我渴望来到实验,开拓视野,提升自己,超越自我。 三年的匆匆时光,如同一幅五彩斑斓的拼图,我一路奔跑,一路欢笑,一路汗水,正是在一块一块地拼接属于我自己的拼图,它时而完整,时而破碎,这或许便是生活,多彩的生活。 在这三年当中,我担任了团支书、英语课代表等职务,在班级中起到了模范带头作用,以一名中学生乐观向上、积极进取、勇于拼搏、认真踏实的作风赢得了老师和同学的好评。我以拼搏进取的态度对待学习,成绩名列前茅,多次在班级和低年级中交流学习经验和体会,曾多次获得校长奖学金、三好学生和优秀团干部等荣誉,并多次获得数学、英语、化学和作文等竞赛的奖项。还发挥自身在美术、二胡等方面的特长,积极参加学校的文艺比赛和演出;发挥自身绘画的优势,主动承担班级黑板报的编排。积极锻炼身体,多次代表班级参加学校运动会,曾获得800米和1500米长跑第一名,为班级争得了荣誉。 大体上说,我是一个全方位发展、综合素质强的学生,热爱文学,热爱生活;喜欢写意的那种悠然自得、自如潇洒,喜欢工笔的气定神闲,喜欢素描神奇的黑白明暗,喜欢速写的立体概括;喜欢二胡声将我引领到自然的曼妙中,喜欢徜徉在音乐的海洋中。在我眼中,生活从不缺乏美好。 在生活中,我与同学和谐相处。在远足的漫漫60里路上,我与同学互相支持、互相依靠;在艺术节上,我与同学一起涂鸦,一起创造;在课间,我们时而共同探讨
初中家长会邀请函 --相关内容
?应保存好支教过程中的相关文档,如教案,授课总结等,以便对爱心教师进行相关考核。 8、工作人员须团结协作,务实高效。认真组织策划好本次支教活动以及后期工作,同时承担一定的教学任务。 9、志愿教师及工作人员要保证团队一切安全,必须听从抱岁村支教项目负责人的统一安排,并服从本团队负责人的组织管理。支教过程中,未经负责人许可,不许擅自行动。 10、禁止在队伍中出现小团体现象。有意煽动其他队员不良情绪或有意孤立其他队员者,对内公开批评。 11、开会时要用专门的笔记本分要点做好笔录,不准玩手机或者窃窃私语。项目负责人会不定期抽查笔记。 12、开会或者集体活动时,队员要遵循正负五分钟的原则。预计可能迟到或者缺席者要自觉在会议前向项目负责人上交请假条。若不能亲自上交请假条者,务必确保请假条要在开会前到达项目负责人手中。迟到或者缺席者记入队员出勤考核情况表。 13、家长善意赠送做饭材料,如鱼、菜等等,可以接受,并当面道谢,该物资只能作为集体资源解决支教生活保障。 14、队员们必须要在截止日期之前完成项目负责人分配的各项任务并把任务成果发送到项目负责人的邮箱。若遇特殊情况确实无法按时上交,要在截止日期之前打电话跟项目负责人说明理由。 (二)安全制度 1、安全至上,一切团队及团队中个人活动均以安全为前提。 2、保管好个人物品,并相互照看;公共财物由安全员主要负责,集体协同负责。 3、注意安全,有自我保护意识,行动(如家访等)至少两人一组,女生需有男
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